DJ MKL @ Deep Space, Cielo NYC

Born in Belize and raised in New York City. MKL has a wide spectrum of influence embedded in his art. As a DJ, his desire to blend genres and flex his appreciation for music is focused around community – the end goal is to bring people together. “It was the mixing aspect that really drew me in,” he says. “The ability to take people on a journey via projection of one’s own vibe was the art form I fell in love with.” After twenty years behind the decks and about ten as a producer, Michael K Lopez founded Lion1music, which serves as the ultimate outlet for his vision as an artist in the electronic music community.




DJ MKL | Brooklyn, New York

MKL’s original material started with 3 Generations Walking, a production effort shared with Herman Pearl, a.k.a. Soy Sos. The pair’s debut, Skin, was released on Buddah Bar, At the same time, the duo began releasing remixes and MKL’s first contribution to Wave Music – the celebrated label founded by the legendary Francois K – was remixing Calm’s “People From The Earth & The Sun” with Soy Sos, which was released on a single alongside a remix from Dixon. Shortly after that, the 3 Generations team worked on “Slavery Days"  out  Spiritual Life Music, a label that combined world music and soulful house.

“Slavery Days” got over ten licensing agreements and was included on the highly influential “ Body & Soul Vol. 4". “Seven Times” – Lion1Music’s first release in 2004 – was a 12” that blended future jazz and deep house and utilized the production chemistry that had developed between Michael Lopez and Herman Pearl. 

"The goal is to bring different musical communities together under one banner and, in the process, increase the global awareness of Lion1Music,” explains MKL. “We’re a progressive label for progressive music of all genres.”

Tastemakers at major record labels soon became of MKL’s abilities which in turn have led to remixes for John Legend (“Green Light”). MKL’s newest release, “Forever Love” is indicative of his emerging sound, blending deep house, techno and infectious chord progressions. When not in the studio MKL has been busy plying his trade behind the turntables both internationally and domestically.

Recent ports of calls for the musical wanderer have included Japan, France, Moscow and Tulum. When at home he spins at some of the hottest nightspots in the Big Apple including Output, Cielo and Le Bain. The summer months sees MKL juggle a busy schedule of high end private bookings in the Hamptons & NYC, where he has recently spun at Gotham Hall and SoHi.